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Practical Shotgun

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In theory any shotgun can be used to participate in Practical Shotgun events. Every type imaginable has been used, from double barrelled side by sides to magazine loaded AK47 derivatives, with varying degrees of success. The most popular styles are the single barrelled pump-action and semi-automatic. These are generally fitted with tube magazine extensions holding 10 or more cartridges.

Note: any shotgun which can hold more than 3 cartridges is classed as a Section 1 Firearm and must be licensed in the same way as a rifle.

Practical Shotgun is catered for in the shotgun pit (Cambrai Range) where a large number of steel targets of various sizes can be deployed. The pit can be configured to any combination of shooting challenges using stacked tyres to create shooting bays and avenues. Informal practice and competitions can be staged here whenever the ranges are open.

´┐╝The 2-gun competition on the first Saturday of each month always includes Practical Shotgun and Mini-rifle stages. For these events Cambrai Range is generally utilised for an extended Practical Shotgun course of fire with upwards of 20 to 30 steels.

On these occasions the other ranges may also be configured to offer simpler Practical Shotgun stages, interspersed with separate Mini-Rifle stages.

Clay Shooting

There are currently no facilities for Clay Shooting at Worcester Norton, however, there is a formal agreement with Twyning Clay Pigeon Shooting Club which permits WNSC members to attend Twyning CPSC shoots as Associate Members.

These shoots are normally held fortnightly on Sunday from 10:00 to 12.30 at the Twyning CPSC ground just north of Kempsey.

Shoot dates are shown on the Twyning CPSC website.
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