Worcester Norton Shooting Club


Club Events

We have a very full programme of Sunday morning club competitions for members and these are extremely well supported.

Although there are annual prizes, based on the best 6 results over the year for each discipline, these competitions are NOT staid affairs - far from it. They’re designed to be fun and the amount of banter has to be heard to be believed. So, whatever your ability, come along and join in the fun.

Rifle and pistol competitions usually start at 10:00 and the competitions manager has an ‘active imagination’ when it comes to dreaming up courses of fire! The entry fee (for targets and so on) is a wallet busting £2.

There is also a competition on the first Saturday of each month. This utilises all of the ranges to provide a multi-stage workout for your Practical Shotgun and Mini-rifle skills.

The entry fee for these Saturday competitions is £8 for members and £13 for invited guests.

See the Sunday schedule for more information.

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