Our Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on to your computer via your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are only used to store data. They are not used to do anything harmful like start a process or infect your computer.

What Cookies do we use?

  • When you log-in to the members only pages of the site a session cookie is created to authenticate your membership. This cookie is stored on your computer only for the duration of your visit and is deleted when you log-off from the site.
  • However, if you select the ‘Auto Login’ button a permanent cookie will be stored on your computer so that you can be automatically logged-in on future visits.

Third-party Services

This website makes use of services provided by third parties, we do not control any cookies generated by third party services. At present these services are limited to:
  • 1&1 SiteAnalytics - this service is provided by our host and saves anonymous statistical data that we use to improve our site, it does not generate cookies.

Removing Cookies

Cookies don't stay around forever and your web browser will eventually delete them. When a website stores a cookie, it states how long the cookie should stay on the computer for - this can be for the current visit only or for a period of time, for example one year.

You can choose to delete our cookies from your web browser at any time. You can also set your web browser to refuse cookies, in this case you will still be able to view our web site, but you will not benefit from any personalised features.

More detailed information about cookies and how to control them is published by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).


If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy, please get in touch.