Our Club

Situated in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside, on the site of the old Norton army barracks, we cater for a wide range of shooting disciplines, including:
  • Air Rifle and Pistol
  • Gallery Rifle
  • Mini Rifle
  • Muzzleloading Rifle and Pistol
  • Sporting Rifle
  • Target Rifle
  • Practical Shotgun
  • Cannon
  • Archery
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Our Ranges

Freeman - Outdoor 50 metre range, 8 covered firing points and 12 target lanes.

Charlemont - Outdoor 25 metre range, 6 covered firing points and 10 target lanes.

Farrington - Outdoor 25 metre range, 6 covered firing points and 10 target lanes.

Heston - Outdoor 30 metre air rifle/pistol range, 6 covered firing points and 6 target lanes.

Dancox - Outdoor air rifle and archery field target range, about half an acre in area.

Cambrai - An adaptable area for Practical Shotgun shooting.

Recent Highlights

What's new at WNSC…

13 July 17
NRA Mini-rifle match results are here.

25 Jun 17
Our well-worn Shotgun Pit has been re-opened after a month-long rebuild and is now named 'Cambrai' in memory of those who fought there one hundred years ago.

21 Mar 17
The Airgun section is closed to new applications until August.

19 Feb 17
Due to an overwhelming backlog of applicants we cannot accept any new firearms probationers until further notice.

29 Jan 17
NRA Mini Rifle and Handgun Matches 2017 - Details of matches hosted at WNSC are here with PractiScore links.

25 Jan 17
Child Protection - WNSC has adopted NRA procedures and appointed a Child Protection Officer.

15 Jan 17
NRA Winners - WNSC members win 2016 NRA Handgun League.
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